Upon heavy introspection, I realized I’d pick the turbulence of the ocean over the solitude of the mountains, any day. How about we take a quick dip in one of my daydreams, eh?

Concept : I live in cottage on a hill by the ocean, the landscape is a gradient of green and blue, with the occasional sun-streaked red. I sustain myself by working on my neighbors vineyard. On cultivation, we sing and dance around a bonfire, wine sloshing around in our cups, to music made especially for the occasion. The cottage itself is menial, save this one room, that is an accumulation of all my wealth. Apart from that, it’s characterised by concrete walls and wooden floors. It has five rooms, two washrooms and a kitchen. Oscillating back to that one room, it’s very sparsely decorated, its walls are the colour of the sunset, they’re lined with shelves. Sitting upon the shelves, are books. A record accompanies each manuscript. One of the walls is almost all window, it faces the sea. Square in the center of the room is a record player, a gramophone, sitting on a cabinet of mediocre height. I waltz to Sinatra when the weather is right. In the corner, lies one of those sink-in armchairs, accompanied by the standard footstool and lamp. The lamp gives off my favourite kind of mellow light. On stormy days, I sit in the chair and watch as the ocean tears itself apart. I sit with a cat in my lap, soaking up the chaos. My dog lies curled up by my feet, her beating heart gives a rhythm to the waves. They appear to be performing some sort of dance. I feel that, perhaps, I should join them?


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